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October 5, 2011


Documentary film on fibromyalgia (English subtitles)
Presented by AFE, in collaboration with Pfizer

Information on fibromyalgia syndrome (what is this?) On people who live daily and the different ways to manage this symptom.

Duration : 40 minutes


May 5, 2011


Video capsules about pain (french only)
Presented by Centre de réadaption Lucie-Bruneau

Small video vignettes on various topics, including: medication, sleep, family and friends, emotions, the vicious cycle of pain, etc..

Duration : not available


April 27, 2011


Soulagement de la douleur chronique
Suffering from Zona? Watch this!

Small video of the Zona disease that can cause severe pain (burning sensation) for months and even years.

Duration : 2 minutes 9 seconds


Febuary 2011


Soigner la douleur autrement
Émission Une pilule, un petite granule

In this program, Dr. Edith Villeneuve, anesthesiologist, talks about alternative medicine to treat chronic pain.

Duration : 45 minutes 58 seconds


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